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Apply psychology to digital products

Learn the scientific behavior design framework in online classes that are practical and easy to understand.

You will master behavior design principles that can apply immediately to websites, campaigns, apps, chatbots, customer journeys, and advertisements. After this course, you will design on the basis of a proven methodology instead of gut-feeling.

Reach your online goals

Follow this online course and become an expert. When you apply the principles from this course to your digital products, you will:

increase online conversion

improve customer satisfaction

boost customer loyalty

Your set of crucial skills

Learning to apply behavior design principles is crucial for every content marketeer, UX designer, UX writer, copywriter, marketing and communication expert, and psychologist.

These principles go beyond design, marketing, and psychology. If you want to optimize your digital products, then you can profit immediately from tactics that increase online conversion, improve customer satisfaction, and boost customer loyalty.

Optimize your product with an Expert Review by our professionals

Good chance you already have a website, app, email flow, or other digital product. In that case, our experts can do an extensive review on it and deliver a detailed report on what you change to boost your results.

You will get:

a customer-centric view from a selected persona

a step-by-step analysis of your customer journey

recommendations on how to apply behavior design principles

suggestions for changes in copy and design

Everything from the Expert Review can be directly applied by your own team. It helps you get the most from your online products for just $10.000,–

Hundreds of companies optimize their digital products with our Expert Reviews

Work with our experts

Our expert behavior designers have years of experience. They have worked for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. If your project is a good fit, then they would love to work with you as well.

We can take on your entire project, parts of it, or coach your team in regular sessions.

Please get in touch to discuss what is going to work for you best. We’re always happy to hop on a quick call.

Pioneering since 2012

Our team has spent years applying psychology to digital products to maximize online results.

The principles that our team applies to help world leading brands, have now been captured in one simple course. It’s engaging to watch and easy to apply.

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