Learn the fundamentals of Behavior Design to achieve better online results.

Enroll now and also get access to the Escalation Prevention Model, which explains how to design for bad news messages. Anticipate on people’s emotions and design for desired behavior.

All the principles in this course can be applied to every digital product.

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What you will learn

You will learn and master the fundamentals of behavior design that can be applied to every digital product.

  • Psychological principles

    Principles that push motivation, reduce mental effort and create irresistible prompts.

  • Optimize customer journeys

    Principles that help people complete their journey until checkout.

  • Best practices

    The most useful behavior design tactics in designing your own landing page or product page.

Suitable without prior knowledge

Behavior design fundamentals are profitable for everyone working with online products. That’s why we explain the framework from scratch and no prior knowledge is required.

This makes the course perfect for anyone who:

wants to get more knowledge on behavior design

already works in the field of design, marketing or psychology

already has a background in user experience design, customer service, content management, marketing or product design

What you will get

25+ videos

Examples and hands on advice

Quizzes to test your knowledge

Deep knowledge of proven framework

Clear understanding of designing websites and apps that are psychologically proven to work best

Exam and certificate

Access to the Escalation Prevention Model

When you enroll in the Behavior Design fundamentals, you automatically get access to the Escalation Prevention Model.

This model teaches you to design for bad news messages and consider people’s emotion. You will learn to adapt to these emotions with specific behavior design tactics. This model is used by global airliners to communicate with passengers and can be applied to any type of bad-news-communication.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Meet your instructors: Pieter-Jan Troost

    • Meet your instructors: Mischa Coster

    • What is behavior design?

    • BJ Fogg Model

    • Ethics

  • 2


    • Intro: Prompts

    • Drawing attention

    • Exceptional benefits

    • Simple question

    • Curiosity

  • 3


    • Intro: Motivation

    • Anticipatory enthusiasm

    • Perceived value

    • Loss aversion

    • Social proof

    • Elevator pitch

    • Commitment & consistency

    • Scarcity

  • 4


    • Intro: Ability

    • Jenga technique

    • Reduce choice

    • Default, pre-fill & autocomplete

    • Don't make me think

    • Offer decision aid

  • 5

    Escalation Prevention Model (EPM)

    • Bad news

    • EPM techniques

    • EPM formats

  • 6

    Test your knowledge

    • Quiz: What is behavior design?

    • Quiz: BJ Fogg Model

    • Quiz: Ethics

    • Quiz: Drawing attention

    • Quiz: Simple question

    • Quiz: Exceptional benefit

    • Quiz: Curiosity

    • Quiz: Anticipatory enthusiasm

    • Quiz: Perceived value

    • Quiz: Loss aversion

    • Quiz: Social proof

    • Quiz: Elevator pitch

    • Quiz: Commitment & consistency

    • Quiz: Scarcity

    • Quiz: Jenga technique

    • Quiz: Reduce choice

    • Quiz: Default, pre-fill, autocomplete

    • Quiz: Don't make me think

    • Quiz: Offer decision aid

    • Quiz: Bad news

    • Quiz: EPM Techniques

    • Quiz: EPM formats

Meet the experts

With their years of experience for many companies, they are ready to teach you the fundamentals.

Persuasion strategist and designer for business strategies

Pieter Jan Troost

Pieter Jan practices his expertise as a behavioral psychologist for both businesses and students. He helps companies maximise their profits through designing their customer journeys with persuasion design. He is also a speaker and teacher at events on Business Schools, explaining the practicality of business strategies within digital teams. With his winning award for Teacher Of The Year 2020 by Beeckestijn Business School he is one of the best practitioners in the field to teach you this course.

Media psychologist and persuasion expert for persuasive communications

Mischa Coster

Mischa Coster is a behavior influence expert specialised in Mediapsychology and European Multimedia. He is founding partner of 2 companies both in the behavior influence and behavior change consultancy. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and acts as subject matter expert on TV shows and news sites. As a boardmember of the social- and economic psychology section of the Dutch Institute for Psychologists he is always up to date concerning the newest behavior design developments.

Trained businesses, teams and students since 2012

Sofia Michili

Customer Journey & Service Designer @Proximus

I had read some books, like Cialdini, but didn't know how to apply that to UI design. IBD taught us the techniques and how to use them in a specific context with many examples. I was already familiar with UX, but the use of copywriting techniques, such as how you can communicate more humanly with your customers, has helped enormously.

Lotte Semal

Brand Guardian @AVA

I think psychology is very interesting and anyone from marketing and e-commerce can benefit from that knowledge. Thanks to IBD's course, we know why we are making a decision. No more discussions are needed because now we have theory that we can fall back on. Everyone is now more on the same wavelength!

Kristof Schils

Head of Digital Marketing & Channels @bpost

The great thing about IBD is that you make more or less scientifically based decisions. You've gotten rid of what UX is really about: a range of opinions around the table. This support gives us the confidence to make decisions that are most likely to work. Otherwise you just do something, right?

Kaat Goegebuer

Art Director @Cayman

All the pieces of information that I often read about are brought together in a structured way by IBD.

Sander Huisman

Usability & Conversie Specialist @TUI Belgium / TUIfly

The assumption about design is very often that it is based on gut feeling, but IBD is about scientifically proven choices and visible results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much time does it take to complete the course?

    This is largely dependent on the time you decide to dedicate to it. For better retainment, we recommend taking half a day a week to be able to complete the course in one or two monts. This way you have plenty of time to view all the lectures, practice with the quizzes and review any challenging topics.

  • What happens when I don’t pass the final exam?

    If you don’t pass the final exam, you get personalized feedback and recommendations for further studying. No worries though, when you enrolled in this course bundle, you get one retake free of charge.

  • How can I test my knowledge during the course?

    After every video, you can test yourself with a quiz. The questions are specifically about the topic that you have just learned, which makes studying for that one difficult topic much easier.